Vision 2020

In order to chart its own bold path through today's relentlessly changing environment, in fall 2011 Toyota Industries announced Vision 2020, which acts as a map and compass for charting a course to the next stage of growth.

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Vision 2020

Business Categories under Vision 2020

Business unit encompassing materials handling equipment, logistics, and textile machinery. Toyota Industries will accelerate growth of this unit as its specialty business domain, which handles everything from development and production to sales and after-sales service.
Key Components
Business unit centered on the fields of car air-conditioning compressors and car electronics. Capitalizing on its technological superiority, this unit allows Toyota Industries to offer key components for a variety of products to a diverse range of customers worldwide, mainly automakers.
Business unit producing vehicles and engines for Toyota Motor Corporation. This unit makes the most of Toyota Industries' production strengths in contributing to significant improvement of the competitive edge of TOYOTA cars.

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