Contract Process

For companies wishing to do business with Toyota Industries Corporation, the following outlines the process we have organized in order to ensure fair procurement for both parties.
Please note that this is an all-encompassing standard process and that the details may differ slightly depending on the business group or product.

Flow Chart of the Purchasing Process

Process   What Toyota Industries does   What business partner does
Selling   Looks for and investigates
potential business partners
Promotes product to Toyota
  (Selects company that will be
asked to give estimate)
Estimate   Requests an estimate Makes and sends estimate
  (Selects company that will be
asked to send sample)
  *If Toyota is sending diagrams
to business partner,
privacy contract must be signed.
  If accepted If not accepted    
  Sends non-acceptance notification Receives non-acceptance notification
Send sample   Requests sample Sends sample
Quality assessment   Assesses quality      
    Surveys process  
Negotiation of conditions     Negotiates business conditions  
Contract signing     Signs contract  

Note: If Toyota Industries Corporation decides that the products are not acceptable at some point after the quality assessment stage, we will inform the company at that time.

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